No upload, No download

Traditionally, you have to upload your media into a central repository in order to share it with others. Using xView technology you and your colleagues can start reviewing video content wherever it is - immediately. No upload required, and file size doesn't matter. xView works with most industrial formats, for any file-size or resolution.

Together, Synced

Multiple remote users can review videos in real-time. Every action applied by a user is immediately reflected to all other participants. Scrub, play, or annotate on one machine, and all your collaborators will see your changes in real-time.

Integrated with your native tools

xView is integrated into Adobe Premiere, Shotgun/RV and Avid Media Composer.
This allows your colleagues to review the content you're currently working on,
through xView's web interface - straight from your NLE, without changing your workflow.

Inspect frames at 1:1 scale

Navigate through your media at 1:1 scale collaboratively. When deep, pixel by pixel, inspection is needed, xView lets you navigate into areas of interest inside the frame, allowing full resolution navigation.

Seamless multi-users communication

xView was designed with a multi-user workflow in mind - text and voice chat allow discussing every frame of interest with ease. While textual and graphical annotations let you pin point areas within the frame collaboratively.

Have your data secured at all times

A secured content delivery scheme based on SSL encryption in conjunction with token-based authentication via a secured real-time transport protocol will keep your data secured while in transit.
At rest hazard is minimized by zero-caching on the client side in addition to watermark stream burning.

Any device

xView works from any device. All you need is a browser.

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