Wherever Your Content Is

With ediX, an editor may edit remote content seamlessly, as if the media was available on the local network. No download required - XTRMX solution enables editing remote content directly from its storage, with no further processing nor modifying the original media.

Format Agnostic

ediX allows remote editing for most of the industrial formats (DNxHD, DPX, PRORES, EXR, XDCAM, X/AVC and more). Container, codec, framerate and resolution don't matter - XTRMX protocol streams with 40ms latancy over the end to end network latency

Integrated With Adobe Premiere Pro

ediX is integrated into Adobe Premiere Pro as a plugin, this allows utilizing all the editing capabilities of PPro while editing remote content.

Remote Rendering

Since ediX allows working directly on your remote content, the rendering process takes place on your remote storage. No need to send proxy files, to download or upload intermediate versions.

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